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Kerstin Lindquist is an Emmy award-winning former broadcast news journalist and current host at the leading global multi-platform retailer, QVC.


Born and raised in Orange County, California, she epitomizes the California beach girl. Her first job at fourteen was as a roller skating snowflake at Disneyland, followed soon after by summers as a lifeguard.


Her love of government and the pull of politics took her back east to Franklin & Marshall College where she earned her degree in Government and Environmental Studies with the intention of becoming a judge, someday. To pay for law school, Kerstin moved home and began acting in Hollywood and supplementing her income by teaching Yoga. A year off proved to her she didn’t have the heart for the courtroom, but the pace of the newsroom was calling. She got her foot in the door of broadcast news after talking her way into a part time reporter role at a small NBC station in central California. She continued to teach fitness during the day and chase the news by night in the small town of Salinas, CA.


Kerstin became a Mrs. in 2003 after marrying the first stunningly handsome, Christian man she met who lived on a boat. Dan shared her love of the Lord, travel and the water and together they surprisingly moved inland to Las Vegas when Kerstin was hired on by NBC. From there they made their way back to the coast and found their perfect home three blocks from the beach in San Diego where Kerstin quickly rose to morning anchor and eventually weather anchor for the ABC affiliate.


You will currently find Kerstin talking about her family and faith and the products that give her balance on QVC. But you can also catch her on shows like The West Wing and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, as well as national commercials.


Her first book is out now through Elk Lake Publishing. The memoir dives into the difficult subjects of infertility, adoption, infidelity and finding God through some of life's hardest losses.

Kerstin and her husband live with their three children, on a sunny hill in West Chester, Pennsylvania. They spend their free time in warm climates – preferably with sand.

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